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James Michael McDonald, V and his wife Stacy purchased and operated Homeschooling Today Magazine unsuccessfully for a number of years before its resale. During that time, the venture turned out to be far from profitable, and the McDonalds have not been honest about how they established themselves in the homeschooling community, how they operated their business, or even about their personal lives.

Certainly no one rejoices in the drawing of attention to these matters, they must be noted in order to stop the deception. This movement of patriocentricity promotes false doctrine by perpetuating lies, profiteering off of the trust of earnest Christians who believe the shaming messages promoted by the movement. The end should never justify the means, and the Christian homeschoolers that support the McDonalds have the right to know the truth. This blog hopes to draw attention to the behaviors of the McDonalds, particularly those concerning the period of time during which the McDonalds owned and operated Homeschooling Today Magazine.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homeschooling Today Magazine Still Struggles Financially

I don't know if Homeschooling Today magazine ever really turned a profit. I do know that by 2005, they were in fairly dire financial straights. James McDonald was already looking for buyers and "investors" at this time. Steve Murphy, the current publisher, states that he acquired the magazine in 2007.

A friend of mine received this fundraising letter a few months ago, and it appears that the magazine is still not doing as well as I'm sure the new buyers hoped. The whole body of the email can be noted below, but I find this particular section pretty interesting.

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I do not find any of this to be much of a surprise. The economy is bad. Costs are higher. But I wonder if the magazine was ever profitable. One thing we do know that distinguishes James McDonald from Steve Murphy. Steve apparently believes in personal sacrifice and I will assume, based upon what we know from this fundraising letter, that the Murphys pay their bills. The McDonalds kept their farm, sold it, and they acquired a new one.

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