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Focus of this Blog

James Michael McDonald, V and his wife Stacy purchased and operated Homeschooling Today Magazine unsuccessfully for a number of years before its resale. During that time, the venture turned out to be far from profitable, and the McDonalds have not been honest about how they established themselves in the homeschooling community, how they operated their business, or even about their personal lives.

Certainly no one rejoices in the drawing of attention to these matters, they must be noted in order to stop the deception. This movement of patriocentricity promotes false doctrine by perpetuating lies, profiteering off of the trust of earnest Christians who believe the shaming messages promoted by the movement. The end should never justify the means, and the Christian homeschoolers that support the McDonalds have the right to know the truth. This blog hopes to draw attention to the behaviors of the McDonalds, particularly those concerning the period of time during which the McDonalds owned and operated Homeschooling Today Magazine.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Slandering of the Smiths

In the meantime, my family is devastated. My children only want to come home. But home to what, home to where? They now have no home to come to. I have no job to go to work to. I am trying to once again begin my own business because no one will employ me. I have no future to look forward to. I am in need of cancer treatment. We parents' hearts are broken. Our children are deeply troubled. I need a home for my family. I have become a desperate and broken man. Not only did The Taylor Machine destroy my livelihood but also after they did, they did not even offer to help me find work.

The Taylor Machine is now trying to scare me with a lawsuit? Threatening me with jail if I go public to clear my name, a man they have brought to desperation, a man with a loving, beautiful, and dedicated wife and 5 beautiful children that have no home to go home to? The Taylor Machine is now arguing that I am only trying to do them harm? What great harm they have done to me and my family and to others! And they want to deny their responsibility? For shame!

After Jim Taylor’s underhanded treatment of the Willet Creek College professors, he was demoted from one office of the college to another lower one. I was told that Jim is losing it and that he is burned out. It is time for The Taylor Machine’s board to replace him before he does more damage to good people like me and my family, to himself and to the reputation of The Taylor Machine. If in my family's case, The Taylor Machine has broken the law for violating their own charter and trashed us in order to cover up, it is now time for them to admit their mistake and make right their wrongs. And they used “Christian Assuager Services” to play out the statue of limitations on their slander against me so that I had no legal recourse. They sent checks which were cashed that said “For homeschoolers.” They knew I was no laywer! Why did they pay my relocation expenses?